What To Write In A Graduation Card

What To Write In A Graduation Card

50 Wishes To Write In A Graduation Card

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Graduation is a day filled with laughter, tears and most importantly the throwing of mortarboard caps in the air. The whole meaning of graduation is to celebrate the end of an amazing chapter that has lead you to a big achievement that will bring you into a new chapter of your life. That being said, knowing the right thing to put into a graduation card can be difficult, especially since it is such a big day. That is why we have 50 different wishes for you to choose from, that we are sure will put a smile on the graduates face.

Kind Graduation Messages

  1. This calls for celebrating! Congratulations!
  2. What a proud day! We just couldn’t be happier for you!
  3. You did it! Congrats!
  4. What an impressive achievement!
  5. You’re going to be a star! Congratulations!
  6. You deserve to see your dreams come true…congrats!
  7. I’m sure today will be only the first of many proud, successful moments for you.
  8. WOO-HOO! We’re thrilled to be celebrating your graduation with you!
  9. Your hard work definitely paid off. Congrats!
  10.  Sending you good vibes and positive energy for your post-graduation life!
  11.  Caps off to you, graduate!
  12.  Good luck with new beginnings!
  13.  Congratulations, no one deserves this more than you!
  14.  Wishing you the best on your graduation day.
  15.  You have only gone and done it, well done!
  16.  Congratulations and BRAVO!
  17.  Warmest congratulations on your graduation.
  18.  I’m so happy to share the excitement of your graduation day with you!
  19.  I’m sure today will be only the first of many proud, successful moments for you!
  20.  First I get to see you walk across the stage. Then there’s a party? Awesome!

Funny Graduation Messages

  1.  All that work for a piece of paper? Just kidding. Congratulations!
  2.  I lost a bet. You graduated.
  3.  Congrats! It’s time to move out.
  4.  All the hard work starts… now!
  5.  We are just as shocked as you are that this day has come.
  6.  This definitely won’t be the last time i get to brag about you.
  7.  Now that you’ve graduated, you may be smart enough to work out how to pay your student loans. Congrats!
  8.  Call it graduation, call it a beginning or, in your case, call it a miracle! Congrats!
  9.  Never forget to thank those who have always been there for you through your class at college: caffeine, instant ramen, and Wikipedia.
  10.  Damn, that's a very expensive piece of paper. Congratulations on getting that piece of paper!
  11.  Always respect your elders; we graduated without Google. Congratulations!
  12.  I always knew you would barely graduate, congratulations!
  13.  ConGRADulations!
  14.  Congratulations, have fun dressing up in a gown and a silly hat!
  15.  Now it’s time to enter the real world. Don’t worry, none of us knows what we’re doing here either!

Inspiring Graduation Messages

  1.  Be bold, be courageous, be your best!
  2.  Congratulations, the sky is your limit!
  3.  Congrats and may all your dreams come true!
  4.  The world is your oyster! Kudos to your big day!
  5.  With love and patience nothing is impossible.
  6.  Life is a journey and only you hold the map!
  7.  Take your time celebrating… then get ready to take on the world!
  8.  We can’t wait to see what is next in your journey.
  9.  It has been a privilege to watch you grow into the person you are today.
  10.  We are proud of your achievements, but we are even more proud of the person that you have become.
  11.  Graduation isn’t the end of a tough journey, but it is the beginning of a beautiful one.
  12.  Shoot for the stars, and if you miss atleast you’ll land among the stars.
  13.  You deserve to see your dreams come true… congrats
  14.  I’m sure today will be only the first of many proud, successful moments for you.
  15.  It means so much to be part of your graduation day! Keep being you!


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