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Our Story

At Marvling Bros Ltd we produce inspirational gift experiences at affordable prices.

In 2010 a school competition was held to see how much children could fit into a matchbox. Hayley’s son was not enthused by the school competition, but Hayley entered for him and came up with all sorts of objects that not only fitted in the matchbox, but fulfilled a concept too, for example a grain of rice and a coriander seed which she labelled ‘curry takeaway’ and a picture of the Mona Lisa and Van Gogh’s Sunflowers- ‘an art gallery’. She did not win the competition but Emma loved the ideas.

Two years later, Emma, inspired by the matchboxes, thought the concept could be the basis for a business and for nine months she and Hayley developed a company dedicated to innovative token gifts. In July 2013 they launched an initial range of 12 boxes and had an instant hit with Hot Stuff In A Matchbox. 

Since then our company and range continues to grow. Our bite-sized gifts are thoughtfully designed, cleverly packaged and made to be as much a joy to give as they are to receive. Whether it be the chance to sample the hottest chilli powders in the world or power a clock using a couple of potatoes, we create gift experiences that are surprising, informative and fun.

A celebration of Britain and Britishness all our products are designed and packed in the UK, and where possible we work with small independent businesses to create our range.

Marvling Bros Ltd - The art of giving and living.