What To Write In A New Baby Card

What To Write In A New Baby Card

49 Wishes To Write In A New Baby Card

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50 Wishes To Write In A New Baby Card

Having a new baby is a massive milestone in someone’s life that is sure to be filled with lots of love, memories and most importantly… crying. Having a baby is not only an exciting time for the parents but also for the family and friends of those expecting. That is why it is so important to write something meaningful on a new baby card. That is why we have 50 messages for you that will fit any occasion.

Kind New Baby Messages

  1. So excited to shower you and your baby in love!
  2. So happy for you two! That is going to be one lucky baby!
  3. Wow! We are so excited for you two… Warmest congratulations.
  4. What a very lucky baby! Congratulations.
  5. Can’t wait to see that sweet little smile!
  6. You two are going to be the best parents ever!
  7. You two are going to make amazing parents!
  8. We are freaking out over here! Congratulations to you!
  9. I’m so thrilled to hear this news… congrats!
  10. We are so excited to meet your bundle of joy!
  11. Congratulations on the news… your baby is going to be cuter than all the other babies!
  12.  We are wishing you all the best for your new arrival!
  13.  We are beyond happy with this news… congratulations!
  14.  Congrats on your new baby! We cannot wait to see you all!
  15.  Here’s to the cutest baby ever. Congrats!
  16.  So happy for the three of you!
  17.  Here’s to the creation of a tiny human being!
  18.  We cannot wait to meet your new baby! Congratulations
  19.  Many congratulations to the new parents to be!
  20.  This is amazing news, congratulations to you!

Funny New Baby Messages

  1.  Goodbye tummy… Hello mummy!
  2.  Welcome to the parenthood club… eat, sleep, poo, repeat!
  3.  Sleep is overrated… babies are not. Congratulations!
  4.  Congrats on your new baby! We can do something fun together in 18 years!
  5.  Raising a child is like a walk in the park. But like… Jurassic Park!
  6.  Welcome to parenthood… Where going to the supermarket is considered a vacation! Congrats!
  7.  Hitting the bottle will take on a whole new meaning now… Congratulations!
  8.  Look at you doing grown up things and stuff! Congratulations!
  9.  Just so you know… I’m so cool with you naming your baby after me.
  10.  Congratulations on being 9 months sober…. I mean, the baby!
  11.  Congratulations on your baby burrito!
  12.  I can’t wait to see all the posts about your new baby… said no one ever. Just kidding, Congrats!
  13.  Congratulations! You’re going to avo-baby!
  14.  Girl, you rock that baby bump!
  15.  You are making a human… let’s just think about that for a moment…

New Baby Messages for Twins or More

  1.  Woo-hoo, times two!
  2.  A double dose of love… what could be any better?
  3.  Best friends for life!
  4.  Double congratulations on the arrival of your twins!
  5.  Look at the bright side, at least you only have to throw one birthday party!
  6.  You have been blessed with double the fun, love, and laughter! Congratulations!
  7.  I can’t wait to help you count all those fingers and toes!
  8.  Good things come in threes!
  9.  The more the merrier, amirite?
  10.  You did know there were going to be two, right?
  11.  New baby twins! Double congratulations to you!
  12.  Twins mean double the celebrations!
  13.  Here’s to double the love!
  14.  And then there were (number of family members)

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