Wonderful Tigers

Wonderful Tigers

Fantastic comments about Tigers from our Adopt a tiger competition:

scarealot 🐯The tiger is the largest living cat species and a member of the genus Panthera. 
bextow2020 Each tiger stripe pattern is unique, just like a humans fingerprint!
dukes3511 Tigers are amazing animals ❤️
bel.6087 Tigers are majestic ❤️
themrsfleming Tigers. Are. Badass. Fact. 🐯
foodcoma_queen Beautiful 🐅🐯🐅

ginand40 Tigers are my daughters favourite animal and she’d love this 🐅

stitchesofjoyuk I have a tiger tattoo, blanket, poster, artist print, giant teddy, PJs, several mini teddies, oh, and went and trained them on a ranch one time.
katx_82 Love tigers 🐅
alioskiri Beautiful cats 🐅 ❤️
mommyofokanddaisy ❤️Tigers and Bengals

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