What to give alongside flowers

What to give alongside flowers

Here are 10 gifts to give alongside flowers that are sure to put a smile on your special someone’s face.

Flowers are an amazing gift suited to every occasion. Whether you are going to a wedding, celebrating a birthday or visiting someone in hospital, flowers are a great way to show how much someone means to you. But if you want to step up your present giving game even more, there are many items that accompany flowers perfectly. Here are 10 gifts to give alongside flowers that are sure to put a smile on your special someone’s face.


This is a gift that the majority of people have received at least once in their lives, and there is a reason for this. This is because chocolate is a fantastic gift to receive, and considering there are so many brands of chocolate to choose from, there is something suited to everyone. So a great gift to pair with flowers is your loved ones favourite chocolate.

A teddy bear

Teddy bears and plush toys are amazing gifts to give because they are not only comforting but they are a reminder of all the memories you have had with someone. If you give someone a teddy they will remember all the good moments you have spent together when they look at it. So if you want to accompany your flowers with a gift that captures your greatest moments with your loved one, this is the perfect present for you.

A photo frame

A photo frame is an incredible gift because it showcases a moment captured in time. It is a way to relive a memory which would have only been encapsulated in your mind. So if you are looking for a gift that is super sentimental, then this is a great option to use alongside your flowers.


Pizza is great for literally any occasion, and if we are being honest, we would go along with any excuse for pizza. This is also a great chance to have a catch up and create more memories together. Whether you eat together at a movie night or enjoy a quick chat and a slice of pizza together, this is an amazing gift to accompany your flowers.


Wine, beer and spirits are a gift commonly given as it is something that many people enjoy and there is such a variety of alcohol brands and types to choose from, you can’t go wrong. It is also something that you can all share together if you are heading on a night out or having a house party. Whether you go for your loved ones go to choice, or give them something new to try, we are sure they will feel super grateful for this uplifting gift.

A gift card

This is a classic and simple gift that you can’t go wrong with. This allows you to treat your special someone with a shopping spree where they get to choose the perfect item suited for them. This is a super safe option that is perfect if you are worried that the gift receiver won’t like what you get for them.

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