10 Amazing University Gift Ideas For New Students

10 Amazing University Gift Ideas For New Students

Do you have a loved one in your life getting ready to transition into life at university? Well we have the perfect gift guide for you!
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Do you have a loved one in your life getting ready to transition into life at university? Well we have the perfect gift guide for you! Heading into university is a super exciting yet frightening experience that is filled with studying, making new friends and more importantly… getting black out drunk every weekend. That being said, there are loads of gifts that you can give that will make this experience that little bit easier and we are sure the upcoming student will be very grateful for that. 


Headphones are an amazing gift choice for a variety of reasons. Staying within a uni accommodation can get loud, especially at the weekends, so having a pair of headphones to help drown out the noise can be very useful. They are also great for when you are trying to focus on studying, and listening to music to help you sleep easier. 

Memory stick

A memory stick is a great gift because going to university includes a lot of essays and a lot of storage being taken up on your laptop/computer. By having a memory stick you also can transport your files and data wherever you go, which helps a lot.

Alarm clock

Alarm clocks are a great gift because it means you have no excuse for being late to a lecture, and they get rid of the stress of waking up late and having to rush yourself because your phone was on silent so your alarm didn’t go off. It also means that you run a smaller risk of your phone battery being drained. 

Laptop case

A laptop case is a super useful gift to buy for someone going to university. Laptops are often a requirement for students, so having a case to keep your laptop and all the information on it secure is super important. It also means that there is less chance of it getting broken when you are travelling. 

Mini fridge

A mini fridge is not a necessity but it is definitely something nice to have. It’s a great way to have easy access to your food and drinks, and it means that your favourite items from your food shop will not get stolen by your roommates (but we hope that wouldn’t happen anyway). 


A backpack is an incredible gift because it’s a place to store all the belongings you need for the day in one place in a way that makes them easy to travel with. This is super important for students because you will always need items for your lectures and day to day life. There are also a huge variety of different styles and backpacks to choose from, so we are sure that you will find something perfect for your loved one. 

Pencil case and stationary

This one is pretty self explanatory, but having a pencil case and all the equipment you will need to get through lectures is super useful. It means you do not have to ask other people to borrow theirs, and it helps with motivation to achieve the best grades possible. This is a must have for all students. 


A blanket has a variety of uses that are important to students. Whether it’s something to help you keep warm while you are studying during cold winter nights, or an extra layer to keep you comfy while you are sleeping, a blanket is a versatile gift. 


Towels are also a self explanatory gift because they are essential for university day to day life. There is nothing better than using a brand new, soft towel after a shower, and it helps add a bit of luxury to university life. 

Student recipe book

A student cookbook is a great gift idea, especially for those who can not cook, because it includes super easy recipes for beginners and those on a budget, which a lot of university students are. There are also such a huge variety of recipe books to choose from, so you will be able to find a perfect fit for the gift receiver.

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