What To Give Someone In Hospital

What To Give Someone In Hospital

Having a loved one in hospital is a very stressful time for everyone involved and it is a time where showing love and positivity through gifts and necessities is one of the most supportive things that you can do.
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Having a loved one in hospital is a very stressful time for everyone involved and it is a time where showing love and positivity is the most supportive thing that you can do. Showing your support through gifts and necessities is a great way to show how much you care during a time where finding the right thing to say is not always easy. Here are 10 helpful things to bring someone in hospital that radiates admiration and warmth.


This is one of the most common gifts that are received in the hospital and with good reason. Hospitals do not always have the best quality and quantity of tissues, so bringing this item can bring comfort to the patient and have them feel a bit more pampered than they would without them. It’s also great considering being in hospital can be a super emotional time, so having tissues on hand is always handy. 

Their favourite foods and snacks

Having food that you love is a great way to get into an improved mood. Considering hospital food is not always top quality, giving your loved one their favourite snacks is a great way to put a smile on their face. Prior to doing this, make sure that the hospital allows food to be brought into the institution.

Books and paper activities

Spending time at the hospital can become very boring very quickly, so having a collection of books or activities you can participate in is always great. These items are sure to help uplift the mood of your loved one, as it is something they can indulge themselves in to fill up the time. 

Comfortable Clothes

Having comfortable clothes at hand is perfect because it is something that will make your hospital experience more enjoyable and will help your loved one feel more at ease with their surroundings and their time in hospital. This is even better if they are clothes that they already own, as it will bring them feelings of warmth and security from being in their everyday clothes.

A reminder of home

Much like the above, a reminder of home is amazing to help create a sense of security and warmth. Not only is it nice to see something that you cherish and are familiar with, but for those very unwell, it helps showcase what they are fighting for and that their everyday life is waiting for them once they are out of hospital. An example of this is a blanket or teddy bear.

Bouquet of flowers

Flowers are a lovely gift no matter the occasion, so getting them while you are in hospital is a lovely surprise that is sure to put a smile on a loved ones face. This is even better if they are their favourite flowers or bright flowers that are sure to radiate positivity and good vibes. 

Care packages with handwritten cards

Care packages are a great pick me up for someone in hospital. By giving them a variety of thoughtful and meaningful items, they are sure to feel the love and support that you are showing to them. A handwritten card is also an incredible attribute to a care package, as it brings about a sense of familiarity and gives them a message of how much you care.


Lastly, if your loved one is someone younger or someone who enjoys playing with toys, giving them something to entertain them is perfect. This is especially great as hospitals don’t always provide toys, and they are not usually a super fun environment.

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