Black Friday

As Black Friday hit In A Matchbox, it was all hands on deck as the orders flooded in. By midday there was over 500 orders but the MB team were unfazed. Indeed Donna took multi-tasking to a new level as she made up Bah Humbug matchboxes, ploughed through a pile of orders and checked sweets all whilst eating her lunch (or was it making up lunch boxes, ploughing through humbugs, checking orders and eating sweets?..). The team were so far ahead of the game there was even a queue at the printer at one stage as Marv valiantly battled it out with 10,000 deviant dispatch notes that insisted on jamming up Xavier (the printer) every ten seconds. Employee of the week: Nell who thoroughly redeemed herself with a batch of peanut butter and chocolate tray bakes of which Ling ate at least 5 in as many minutes.

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