Good Morning!

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It was excitement all round today as Hot Stuff was examined by Eamonn Holmes and handled by Holly Willoughby. The whole team incumbent at MBHQ gathered round the computer and watched agog as Hot Stuff was paraded round on national TV as a 'Classy secret santa gift'. (Spice Rack was outraged at not being picked). For a couple of minutes there was cheering and giggles and lots of Prosecco and then Marv's phone pinged to announce an order from the website. Within five minutes over 100 orders had been made and Marv's mobile phone was still pinging. With ten minutes over 300 orders had been made and reinforcements in the form of The Snow Queen and Sally had been called in and the mobile phone pinging was causing Ling undue stress. In half an hour the website had crashed and office phone was ringing as people tried to make orders over the phone and the mobile was still pinging. By lunchtime the Prosecco was finished, no one was giggling, Jane's ailing child had been dragged out of her sick bed to stamp some envelopes and the mobile phone batteries had gone flat. On the plus side at least it wasn't pinging anymore...

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