Health and Safety Matters

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The health and Safety officer was out in force this week. Shirley, in a magnificent effort to prove she was not just a golden girl, boxed up Hot Stuff until she was sick her usualy area of expertise is Strike Gold). Ling who had a lingering cough had to be buoyed up all week with cream cakes (provided by Donna ), and German Biscuits (provided by Marylin). Meanwhile the orders have been topping over 300 a day so the pressure is on to keep on top of the post. Jane (who is the health and safety officer) actually sustained a paper cut. Marv got very excited about this as she invested in a luxury first aid kid over 9 months ago when the team moved into the offices and it had not been used to date. She was a little disappointed to find there were no Mr Men finger plasters in the box but there were some impressive bandages and Jane had to do some fast talking to avoid being trussed up like a mummy. Employee of the week: Shirley for her chilli boxing up. Public enemy number one: Nell for making Chocolate and peanut butter bakes for the team and conveniently forgetting to bring then in AND then showing them pictures of the tasty morsels.

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