Hero of the Hour

On Thursday a £250 order came in with the post due to go in just half an hour. Marv, Moll, Nell and Jane all agreed that, with a concerted effort, they could easily produce four personalised gift boxes and twenty two assorted matchboxes then pack them ready in time for the post. So Marv happily accepted and printed the order only to discover that every single matchbox had to be wrapped and gift tagged. BUT the team still did it! And a special award has been created just for this week of Hero of the Hour to Nell's long suffering partner for his assistance in making up over 1000 Bah Humbugs. (However this accolade was nearly revoked as when Ling gave him the good news he demanded to know what he was going to get for this honour...Let's just say it was a good job Nell is trained in the gentle art of Jujutsu and is one belt higher than Ling)

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