A Winning night!

November 09, 2015

The MB team triumphed! When the announcement for the most prestigious award of the night came, the biggest cheer came from the MB tables. Marv's long suffering partner cracked open the bubbly and it was celebrations all round. Donna wowed everyone with her smooth dance moves, Nell pulled the most men on the night with one young stallion stripping off his shirt and literally thrusting himself upon her, the Snow Queen was virtually glued to the dance floor only stopping for some liquid refreshment, and Ling's mother and Doc intimidated the Dj into putting on some 'proper music' not this 'modern rubbish' (80's disco...) Ling managed to keep her 3 inch stilettos on all night and the MB team had to be virtually dragged out of the building at the end of the night. Yes it was a winning night....for Lakehouse construction. Congratutions guys! Commiserations to our fellow nominee Crafty Arts.