Let's get down to business

March 12, 2015

MB HQ was visited by a proper business man today. It was the first official visit to the new offices by an outsider (Nell's jujutsu partner and Moll's husband don't count) and Marv was concerned about the lack of plush sofas and coffee tables. In the end Ling pushed Jane and Nell off the post table, grabbed all the best chairs and sent Jane off to make tea. The business man was wearing a suit and had a briefcase. Marv, Ling, Nell and Jane were wearing leggings, jeans and jumpers and Ling had an Angry Birds lunchbox so there was an immediate disparity on company image, but apart from the lack of posh office furniture and sharp dressers the meeting went well. Ling had to sign three important documents and Marv nodded wisely several times so they both feel like proper entrepreneurs.