Training Day

It has been a full on few weeks. Ling has been decorating the new office - painting, screwingand hammering accompanied by lots of swearing. Marv has been transferring everything from her house to the new office and now her front room echoes and the kids have somewhere to sit other than in the hallway or the garage. Putting together the flat packed cupboards was the most turbulent time with suspicious bits of extra wood left over once the cupboards were built and some bits not being screwed together because Ling 'didn't think it was important..'.Today it was training day for Nell and Moll on the post. There was a crib sheet but everyone was literally working off a different page as Nell is used to a Mac, Moll is used to an electronic notebook, Marv is used to a pen and paper notebook and Ling is used to an abacus. Still they got through it and hopefully all the orders will get out to their correct recipients.

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