Big Night Night Out

It started with Black Friday and ended with Cyber Monday. Thousands of orders were dispatched and inbetween the chaos, it was Marvling Bros Xmas night out. 9 out of 13 of the MB cohort converged in Hornchurch for an evening of good food, wimmen and wine. Well most of them had good food. Lind who is vegetarian ordered Roast Turkey with all the trimmings but without the turkey (so basically just trimmings) and ended up with a plate that consisted of a third carrots, a third broccoli and a third mangetout. She managed to get some potatoes and a bowl of gravy added to this festive delight but it was not quite the Christmas meal she imagined. Still it didn't stop her (wearing a good reading dress) Sal (scarlet furry bombshell) Nell (slinky black onesie) Moll (sparkling all over) Shirley (blonde curly wurly) and the Snow Queen (glitter and stardust) from bopping the night away, whilst Marv, Jan and Annie pretended to be with another, more sophisticated party.

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