Envelope Crisis Hits MB HQ

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It has reached tipping point at MB HQ. Reinforcements on the home front (post room) have been brought in in the shape of Jane and as the stocks of ammunition get lower, everyone is working overtime to get matchboxes out to deserving people for Christmas. On the battle field itself (Marv's whole lower ground floor of her house) a black market has risen in stamped envelopes as Ling's 87 year old mother-in-law cannot keep up with demand. Moll was nearly lynched as she was discovered hoarding a whole stack under the dining room table for herself. Sal was overheard trying to persuade Jane to swap a whole stack of Hot Stuff orders for a few large stamped envelopes. Ling has got photographic evidence but won't be able to post pictures just yet due to her camera being buried under a pile of empty envelope boxes....

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