Everyone else Promoted

November 25, 2014

It is getting serious at Marvling HQ. Nell, Sal and Moll were all demanding more responsibility so jobs were hastily created by Ling (well job titles - everyone is still stuffing envelopes but with more pride now). Nell is fire-safety inspector. Sal is anti-bullying monitor. Moll is in charge of health and safety. All was going fine until Shirley tripped over a stack of envelopes in the middle of the floor at which point Nell refused to continue working because the fire exits were blocked, Moll refused to work because she was telling Shirley how to sue Marv and Ling and Sal bellowed 'CHOP CHOP' to anyone who wasn't working which was practically everyone. Marv was totally on the case though and solved all the problems in one fell swoop by announcing 'tea break' and bringing in a tray of warm mince pies.

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