Special Delivery Christmas Eve Mission In A Matchbox

Your house has been chosen by the elves for a top secret operation.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to prepare your home as a major pit stop for the reindeer to refuel on Christmas Eve.

This special delivery matchbox from the North Pole, contains everything you need to prepare for Santa’s visit on the 24th of December. In the matchbox you will find a Northern Lights mystic genuine fluorite stone. When the instructions are followed correctly, this will create a beacon for the reindeer to guide them to your home.

Also included, is a real piece of real reindeer moss – an important component in ensuring the pit stop is a success. This high energy lichen, is the preferred meal choice of Rudolph and his crew, and is eaten by reindeer around the world to keep their energy levels up.

This is the perfect gift for ensuring a magical Christmas Eve.

Requires adult supervision. This is not a toy.

Fluorite stone colour may vary.

This matchbox fits through a standard letterbox.

Made from: card, fluorite stone, reindeer moss.

Dimensions: 55mm x 36mm x 16mm

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