Top Drawer

It has been a busy Summer for Marv and Ling preparing for their first tradeshow - Top Drawer. Weeks were spent making scale models, drawing up plans, discussing strategies (i.e. Ling arguing with Marv because she want to have little model men all over the stall) and it took a whole day to construct the actual stall. They were a bit worried that the three stalls they shared a corridor with were not going to turn up, but the next day three fellow traders turned up, erected their stalls in a couple of minutes and then buggered off to enjoy a coffee, whist Marv and Ling were still struggling with lumps of blutack and a bent logo. The best news for Ling (and worst for Marv) was they happened to be opposite THE BEST CHOCOLATE stall in the show - 
- and Ling spent most of her time chatting up the stall holder to get free samples. By the end of the day the poor lad had given Ling a sample of every flavour he had  just to shut her up.

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