School Dinners are flying

There was much consternation this week at MBHQ when it was discovered that the School Dinner in A Matchbox menus had been printed without the actual menu on them, just a nice picture of a dinner lady. Then Ling had the brilliant idea of printing the menu on a piece of paper. Jane, not to be outdone, then suggested they could just screw the piece of paper up and throw it in the matchbox in keeping with the spirit of the box. This caused much laughter and frivolity and it was all going rather well up to that point, but Donna, never one to shy away from a challenge suggested that the menu could be printed on lined paper, decorated with ink splodges, folded into a miniature origami paper plane in such a way that the words 'This Sucks' ended up on the wings and carefully cut so it just fitted exactly into the tray of the matchbox. The idea was met with a stony wall of silence only to be broken by Marv who said 'It was a brilliant idea and should be put into action straight away'. 2000 paper planes later and Donna was starting to regret ever getting involved, particularly as no one, for some reason, had offered to make her a cup of coffee that day.

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