Thank you for entering the Orangutan competition!

Thank you for entering the Orangutan competition!

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We had such lovely and poigniant comments about orangutans that we just had to share them with you:

karenwmkOrangutans with big arm spans sit in trees and eat lychees 

and   Orangutan.... Orang hutan... ' human of the forest ' 🦧🦧🦧

tamalyn1 An orangutan’s favorite food is the fruit of the diurnal tree. This large fruit has a stinky smell and tastes a little bit like garlic flavored cheese.

figgyfuzzfacepup They have opposable thumbs 👍👍👍👌

figgyfuzzfacepup Orangutans and humans DNA are approximately 97% the same!

figgyfuzzfacepupThe name orangutan translates into English roughly as 'person of the forest' ❤️❤️❤️

jess_youaregold: love orangutans as they have the same colour hair as me

middle_aged_dad There are three different types of orangutan 🦧

prinnydeedee Orangutans are amazing! 🦧🧡


charlotte_shipman Orangutans are critically endangered 😢
debbowater Nothing like seeing them in the wild in Borneo
suuuperluckyguy Orangutans are super smart 🤞🏽🧸🎩🧡🤞🏽
katiejones23698 This would definitely be for my little boy he absolutely adores orangutans and is always telling me about them and that we need to save them. Some facts he knows is orangutan means man of the forest, and they are very endangered. Also that sumatran orangutans have longer facial hair 🦧
alisons.plants I love orangutans
amyloumit3 🦧 are soooo cute! 🦧
figgyfuzzfacepupHow amazing to have an adopted orangutan 🙌❤️
amiemi_80🌸 Orangutans are my favourite primates. So beautiful 🌸

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