Vintage bat matchbox label

Spooky Vintage Matchbox Labels

To celebrate Halloween, we have put together some of our favourite weird and wonderful spooky vintage matchbox labels.
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To celebrate Halloween, we have put together some of our favourite weird and wonderful Halloweenesque vintage matchbox labels.

The spooky theme compliments the often strange and whacky world of matchbox art

Halloween Animals

The bat is a common theme in vintage matchbox art. These two early 1900s Japanese labels, highlight the macabre element to matchbox art.

vintage japanese matchbox label of a bat

bat vintage matchbox label

The Black cat safety matches were made in Poland

black cat safety matches

Because of the association of Werewolves and a full moon, wolves have long been associated with Halloween. In this vintage Indian label see the artist depicting the majestic wolf.

wolf brand safety matches label

And of course, it’s not Halloween unless you have a healthy helping of spiders…

spider safety matches vintage label

or rats...

three rats vintage label

vintage rat label c. 1920s

Halloween Characters

The Magic Square Square matchbox, c.1910, is a beautiful design that shows each of the columns adding up to 60 – the average contents of each box.

The Magic Square Vintage Matchbox Label

Mephisto matches showcase beautiful but macabre artwork. The name Mephisto matches comes a demon of the same name. featured in German folklore.

Mephisto devil matchbox

Mephisto Skull matchbox label

And finally Lucifer. Lucifer matches were invented around the 1820s – they were the first ‘modern matches’. You could light them on any surface, and they were extremely dangerous and unpredictable, as the image below suggests!

Lucifer matchbox label

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