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How To Write The Perfect Letter To Santa

With Christmas approaching and Santa’s sleigh getting ready to set off into the night sky, there is not a better time to write a letter to Santa

With Christmas approaching and Santa’s sleigh getting ready to set off into the night sky, there is not a better time to write a letter to Santa. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, we know that the perfect letter will be sure to give you brownie points when it comes to Santa and his elves, especially if it stands out from the millions of letters he gets every single year. So here’s how to get into Santa’s good books this year and write a letter he will not forget!

Preparation To Write Your Letter

You should always start by listing all the items you want from Santa Clause. This way you won’t forget anything and also you can narrow it down to the presents you want the most, so Santa is more likely to get you what you really want! You can also put on a Christmas movie or some Christmas music to get you into the festive spirit. 

Get All The Equipment You Need 

To write a letter to Santa you are going to need a pen/pencil and some paper. You can always add a bit of colour or some sparkles later on, but make sure you have everything out and ready. 

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Writing The Letter

Now it is time to write the letter, which is the most fun part of them all. To do this you have to do it right so we will walk you through step by step on how to write the perfect letter.

  1. Write your address in the top right corner, this means that when you send your letter to Santa that he will know where to go to find your house on Christmas Eve. 

  1. Address your letter to Santa, you can do this by writing “Dear Santa,” and then write the rest of your message underneath. 

  1. Write a bit about yourself. This can be your name and age, and although Santa already knows this, it is good to introduce yourself. 

  1. Let Santa know how good you have been this year. This means telling him some of the nice things you have done and showing him that you deserve all the presents you want this year. You can include examples such as being nice to your siblings and parents or behaving at school.

  1. Include what you would like to receive from Santa this year. This means telling Santa about the list of toys you made earlier and why you would like them. Make sure to ask kindly for these presents as Santa will be more likely to get them for you.

  1. Now you are going to finish up the letter and thank Santa for reading it and for all the presents he has gotten you in the past. You can do this by saying “Thank you so much for all the presents you have gotten me over the years!” It also helps to say something about Santa’s reindeers, or remind him of the cookies and carrots you are leaving out for him. 

  2. Lastly, you are going to sign off the letter to Santa. You can do this by using phrases such as “love (your name),” or “sincerely (your name).” This is a nice way to end your letter to Santa and show how much you care. 

If you follow all the steps above you will have the perfect layout of a letter for Santa that you know will stand out and includes all the information you need. 

Decorating Your Letter 

Now is the time to put down the pen/pencil, and get into the decorating. This is something you can play around with and it’s up to you how you design your letter but we have a few ideas for you!

  1. Add some colour. You can do this with coloured pencils or crayons, but by adding colour your letter is sure to catch Santa’s eye

  2. Do some doodling. You can add some drawings to the letter, this could be of you with your presents or Christmas themed pictures. 

  3. Add some glitter. By adding some glitter your letter is sure to sparkle, literally. This is also a really fun way to add detail to your card, just make sure to clean up any mess you make!

Posting Your Letter

Now it’s time to send away your letter so that Santa can actually read it. You are going to have to get some stamps and an envelope for this part. Once you have the envelope make sure to put the letter inside and address it to Santa Claus. You also need to make sure you are sending it off to the North Pole! Once that is done, add a stamp to the top right corner of the letter and give it to your parents/guardian to send off to Santa!

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