Baz the koala

Baz the Koala has been adopted!

We have our winner for the first in the first of our series of adopt a spirit animal competitions. 

Ellie O'Leary has become the winner in the first of our series of adopt a spirit animal competitions. Our first adoption competition was for a Christmas Koala, the spirit of kindness, and Ellie is now the proud adopter of Baz.

Baz The Koala

Baz lives at Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. These amazing animals are iconic and much loved throughout the world, despite being native only in Australia. They were an obvious choice when we launched our spirit animal range and we are proud to be supporting Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. 

This not-for-profit organisation has the wider mission to lead the world in the care and conservation of wild koalas, to increase knowledge and understanding of the species and to work collaboratively to ensure their survival into the future.

We will be running our second adoption prize in January 2022 for an Orangutan, the spirit of optimism.

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