Molly the Firefighter is coming to save the day

Christmas Kiss Reading Molly the Firefighter is coming to save the day 2 minutes Next A busy few weeks.
As the orders for Hot Stuff reaches hundreds a day, the strain is starting to show on Marv and Ling. Production of the boxes has already moved from Marv's kitchen to a Cabin outside, whose contents have been unceremoniously dumped in Ling's spare bedroom. Ling's mother who came to stay for the half term had to share her bed with empty boxes of Christmas Kiss and White Christmas. Filling bottles with chilli is now a daily task for the Bros. and Ling is so paranoid about anyone who enters her house getting a speck of Moruga (the hottest chilli in the world) on them she is issuing them with a gas mask and a banana (Ling's long suffering other half discovered that bananas are a good way of getting potassium into the blood stream quickly and potassium counteracts the effects of chilli). Help is on its way though. A machine has been located in America which may be able to help fill automatically. Marv and Ling are so relieved and are christening the newcomer to the team Molly after the first female firefighter in America.

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