A busy few weeks.

Since the last post things have been very interesting for Marv and Ling. There have been anxious waits for overdue Matchboxes, bottles lost in the post, bottles arriving without lids, oversized corks, stickers refusing to stick and we have grown from two people wearing several different hats to a team of seven willing helpers and two not so willing (Marv and Ling's long suffering other halves) doing all sorts of surreal tasks from filling miniature bottles with chilli (our champion filler can do 250 in an hour) to sending out over 300 orders in an afternoon (our post mistress can spot a double order at fifty paces as well as being able to tie interesting bows). Our multi-tasker extra-ordinaire has been stuff expandable snow into little bags, packing heart mints and filling bottles with glitter. The team (or Snow White and the Seven dwarves as they are affectionately known) have been working flat out  the last few weeks to get over 10,000 orders out before Christmas. Ling also got some of her friends from her Jujitsu class to put leaflets into White Christmas. Even Ling's 86 year-old mother-in-law has been given a new lease of life turning off the day time TV in order to de-cork thousands of bottles and fold thousands of tiny leaflets.


Hot Stuff has exceeded everyone's expectations and will be sold out this week. Spice Rack, Christmas Kiss and White Christmas will also be sold out after being featured in several publications. 

See you on the other side of Christmas....

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