Awards Imminent....

Kilts and T-shirts. Reading Awards Imminent.... 2 minutes Next The Reject Tree

The atmosphere has reached fever pitch at MBHQ. With the awards ceremony imminent, everyone has been going a bit crazy. Ling bought over £200 worth of make up and then her long suffering partner took it all back again within 48 hours. Marv has spent most of her efforts persuading her long suffering partner to not wear his kilt for fear of him trying to coordinate a one man stage invasion and showing off his cartwheels. Nell long suffering partner, who is Marv's long suffering partner's 'plus one' has been practising his bow tie technique and on Thursday practised his drinking technique too for good measure. Ling's mother who is up for the event brought up two suitcases of outfits and all the MB team are now in a state of panic getting waxed, plucked, polished and defrizzed in readiness for the big night.

Employee of the week: Jane, who has gone from zero (when she flaunted her dress collection to all and sundry last week) to hero when she supplied most of them with handbags to match their shoes from her extensive wardrobe thus depriving the handbag industry of at least £1000 in sales.

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