Kilts and T-shirts.

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The whole MB team were very busy this week. With their eye firmly on what's important everything revolved around getting outfits for the up and coming awards. It is black tie and Marv and Ling's long suffering partners were on opposite sides of the fence on this issue with Marv's husband shaking out his trusty kilt and airing his legs in preparation, whilst Ling's partner, who goes paler than normal at the thought of coming-out of his jeans wanted to know why he couldn't just wear a t-shirt with a bow tie printed on it.

Marv and Ling never wear dresses and had to take time off to be dragged down the shops and frog marched into various changing rooms. Jane who goes to black tie events all the time was not phased at all and casually showed off a range of her elegant frocks on her mobile whilst everyone looked on enviously.

Employee of the week: Nell who has agreed to step in and help Ling with the company book keeping. She was immediately regretting this rather rash decision after half on hour of rifling through Marv and Ling's rather complicated filing of invoices based on the 'it will be somewhere around' system.

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