Bribery & Corruption at MB HQ

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Ling decided it would be a nice, team building idea to introduce Employee of the week, but this already much coveted position has induced a change of atmosphere at MB HQ. The once friendly, office is now a place of serious tension as everyone jockeys for the top prize.  Sal complained that she would have won this title several times over last Christmas if it had been in place so was owed at least ten titles. Annie played the martyr crying off sick with a headache but calling into say she had still done all her work. Nell used her womanly wiles to charm the postman with whom Ling had almost got into a fight with over a barcode, but in the end it was Donna who used good old fashioned bribery by leaving a miniature homemade loaf of whole grain bread on Ling's desk and a moussaka on Marv's who won the day - er- week. Ling was so happy with the results of this new incentive she has already order 15 badges with everyone's names on and places for little plastic stars so everyone will take it more seriously.

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