A Touch of Magic

Employee of the week goes to Shirley who not only volunteered her granddad's vintage top hat for the It's Magic photoshoot but also designed a Blue Peter style target poster to inspire the whole MB team. The shoot went considerably better than last week's effort when Marv and Ling spent most of the allocated time trying to resuscitate a shrivelled chicken for the shoot of the new Christmas matchboxes. (Mark couldn't get a turkey in time). 
Marv's whole family had woken up on Tuesday morning to the smell of Christmas dinner only to be told all the food was being used in a photoshoot and couldn't be eaten. Unfortunately by the time Ling arrived, camera in hand, the chicken had given up and it took a whole bottle of Marv's expensive extra virgin olive oil to make it look appetising. 
It's Magic photoshoot role of honour: Director - Marv, Photographer - Ling, Stylist: Marv, Location finder: Marv, Backgrounds: Marv, Props master: Shirley Special thanks to W. B. H for the kind loan of his Top Hat


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