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In the beginning there was Hot Stuff. Some said it was hot. Some said it was not. Some said nothing - their tongues were too numb. But now we bring you the undisputed champion of chillis 2014 - Carolina Reaper! Nell, Moll and Sal are busy packing this beauty into her matchbox ready to release her into the world. The Marvling Bros. invite you to take the chilli challenge with the World's Hottest in a Matchbox. One bottle of Carolina Reaper and two miniature chilli chocolates made to a secret recipe (a sacred scroll guarded by Ling who knows how to execute a passable Karate Chop). All you have to do is see how long you can suck just one tiny square of this chocolate without crying, fainting, or steam coming out of your ears. Marv can last a full second before she turns a shade of pink coincidently similar to the pink of the the Chill Out in a Matchbox colour scheme.

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