The Match Girls Strike

It has been  busy year at Marvling Bros Ltd. Notonthehighstreet in particular has completely swamped the company with work to the point that the official Marvling website has been a bit neglected. Conferences, Christmas Boxes in the middle of Summer, a sellout Father's Day and nominations for awards have taken up all the time, so blog posts have been scant. Now we are gearing up to Christmas, Nell (chief Beer Garden packer formerly known as Sneezy), Sal (Postmistress formally known as Doc) and Moll (a new addition to the gang who specialises in wrapping and presentation) are all sensing that Marv and Ling are a little vulnerable and stressed and threatened to strike right in the middle of packing Hot Stuff unless their demands are met. Nell wants to be the sole packer of Christmas Kiss and has set up a picket line by the mistletoe. Sal has demanded a proper chair and table for posting this year and not just a corner on the floor by the radiator. Moll asked for a few gallons of Asp's milk to bathe in as she has reacted badly to the the Chilli packing conditions. Marv was very worried about the consequences of these demands, especially when she discovered Ling in the back garden to trying to milk a slow worm.

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