Yoga Practise

Marv was shocked to find Jane in the office practising headstands this week instead of packing the new Marvling product - Let's Glow - a party preparation kit in a can. It transpired that when Ling found out Jane was trained in the art of Yoga, she thought it Jane would be the ideal person to make up Let's Glow which, for reasons which are a closely guarded trade secret, has to be packed upside down. There was quite a long protracted argument in the store room between Marv and Ling, whilst Jane continued to serenely balance on her head calmly humming the National Anthem (it was the Queen's birthday). After half an hour, Marv emerged from the store room, looking quite dishevelled, told Jane to pull up a chair and turned all the Let's Glow cans upside down. Five minutes later Ling also emerged from the store cupboard studiously avoiding Jane's eye.
Let's Glow Can

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