The Strange case of the bitten chocolate

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With lots of new products on the horizon, much of this week was spent photographing said products, many of which involved food. There were lots of volunteers to help with the shoot, particularly the one involving chocolate but Marv and Ling insisted it would be very boring and that they were willing to take on the difficult task by themselves.

Marv spent the best part of a morning roasting chickens, slicing apples and making kebabs. For the most part it went well except for one moment when Marv, after 15 minutes of careful styling and arranging of one exceptionally difficult still life, found on close inspection that a piece of chocolate had a bite taken out of it! Ling protested that even though she was the only person around who could have done this it couldn't have been her as she would never take a bite out out of a piece of chocolate - she would just stuff the whole piece in her mouth at once. She was mercifullly saved from further interrogation as Marv's cat chose that exact moment to take a flying leap at the whole roast chicken which was left over from the previous still life. 

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