Happy 18th Birthday Candle And Freshwater Pearl Gift

Celebrate in style with this beautiful coming of age themed birthday message in a matchbox, containing a genuine freshwater pearl and all important birthday candle.

Open this unique ’18 Happy Birthday’ matchbox to reveal a freshwater pearl and the inspirational message "The world is your oyster''. Also included is the essential item no birthday can do without - a birthday candle. For, quite literally, the icing on the cake, turn the matchbox over, place the birthday candle in the candle holder and light. And finally - the most important ritual of any birthday – blow out the candle and make a wish.

The genuine 7mm pearl is drilled with a 0.5mm (a small drill hole is one way to confirm the pearl is real) so it can be used in a jewellery project. The pearl is attached with glue dots which can be easily removed.

Of course, at 18 all sorts of wishes will come to mind and the matchbox also contains a few pearls of wisdom to guide young adventurers through life.

This matchbox is a wonderful way to say 'Happy 18th Birthday' to anyone starting out on the great voyage of life.

Made from: freshwater pearl, wax candle.

Dimensions: This box is the size of a standard matchbox
Box Size: 5.5cm x 3.6cm x 1.6cm

Candle Size: 5cm

The package will fit through a letterbox

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