Whichever you vote for, these little fellas vow to lead you to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Just cast your vote by stating the name of your favourite veg  (party menu-feastos below - or you might want to vote for an independent veg not listed) via Facebook, twitter (#veggievoltsinamatchbox) or email us at info@inamatchbox.com and we will enter you in a draw to win our latest product, Veggie Volts in a Matchbox. We have seven to give away, one for each party. Winners will be announced Monday 10th May on our Facebook page and website.

 Good luck to all the candidates! 


Veggie Volts in a Matchbox is the latest addition to the matchbox family. You don't need five a day. Just two vegetables and one Veggie Volts in a matchbox kit will power up a digital clock. Who knows, maybe one day vegetables will provide enough power to serve a whole country.  

The candidates and party menu-feastos - Left to Right

Swede/Turnip (or S and T) : Essential for that Scottish favourite, Haggis, neeps and tatties, this tough veg promises to maintain our vision and prevent constipation.  Try boiling, mashing then stirring with bacon and chives.

The Greens: Everyone knows they are full of goodness and are beneficial for the environment. They hate waste, so use leftovers with mash and onions and fry up in Bubble and Squeak.

Leek: With roots deep in the heart of Wales, this subtle, tasty veg vows to fight cancer and heart disease. Add raw to salads or saute for a quick side dish.

Tomato: Bright and hard working, he promises to deliver child benefits (extra vitamins) easily - just slip him in a pasta sauce or on top of a pizza!

The Spud: This traditionally British veg's strength is in increasing our energy and where would we be without Pie and Mash, Fish and Chips and The Great Sunday Roast. Support British Potatoes.

Aubergine: More accessible than you think, this classy veg vows never to increase FAT. Try brushing him 1/2 inch slices with olive oil and grilling for 3-4 mins for a tasty treat.

Yellow Pepper: But sometimes green, or red or even orange, this versatile veg promises to build up our defences with vitamins C, E and antioxidants. Mix liberally with other veggies in a salad. Mix liberally with other veggies in a salad.