Silver Needle - Traditionally reserved only for the Emperor. 

silver needles tea leavesBaihao Yinzhen, AKA White Hair Silver Needle is a white tea. Grown exclusively in the Fujian Provence of China, it is the most expensive and prized of the White China Teas. Only the top buds of the tea plant are used, plucked in Spring, in the morning in full sun conditions. They are then left to wilt in shallow baskets. White tea is rich in antioxidants.

High Mountain Oolong - A Tribute Tea of the Ming and Qing Dynasties

ooling tea leavesOolong AKA Black Dragon is a semi-oxidsied tea, inbetween black and green tea. Production is a complex process of steps - withering, bruising, resting, fixing, rolling and drying. Oolong gets better with multiple steeping and is high in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. There are many flavours available. Our hand-picked High Mountain Oolong from Tawain is particularly prized for its medicinal attributes.

Darjeeling - The Champagne of teas

darjeeling tea leavesDarjeeling is a Chinese tea grown in India in the Himalayan air and has a wine like quality. Even if you don't like tea, pure Darjeeling is worth tasting. A black tea, Darjeeling is less oxidised than other black teas, contains 60% more antioxidants and tastes less bitter.

Sencha - The Japanese informal ceremonial tea

sencha tea'Drink Sencha' or 'Let's have tea together' this tea is used as the informal alternative to Matcha, the traditional ceremonial tea. It was first used by Japanese intellectuals as a symbolic protest against the ruling classes, but now is seen as the more sociable tea of choice for family get togethers. A green tea, from the top buds of the plant retaining many nutrients including folic acid and vitamin C.




 Gunpowder - 'Temple of Heaven'or Pearl tea

gunpowderDating back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) Gunpowder teas have a unique production process where the leaves are withered, steamed and rolled into tight pellets. The smaller the pellets, the higher the grade of tea. Its appearance and smokey taste resulted in its name. It has all the benefits of the antioxidants and vitamins of the green tea family and is especially beneficial for the digestive system

Lapsang Souchong - Mountain pine-smoked tea

lapsang souchong tea leavesGrown in the famous Fujian province, this a black tea from the mountainous Wuyi region. It has a distinctive smokey pine flavour and according to legend, was the first back tea in history. The leaves were roasted and smoked to speed up the drying process. It is high in caffeine, so a great energiser but if you use cooler water and do not steep for too long, the caffeine content in the resulting brew is reduced. 



 Keemun - China's most famous black tea

keemun tea leavesThis extremely popular tea is used in a number of classic blends, and very popular in the West. Exclusively produced in the Qimen County of the Anhui province, between the Yellow Mountains and the Yangtze River. It is a key ingredient in English Breakfast tea and was one the first black teas to be exported out of China. High in antioxidants and polyphenols.

 Assam - The State drink of Assam, India

lapsang souchong tea leavesThis bold, malty tea was the tea of choice of the British East India Tea company and one of the first teas to be cultivated in India. Grown mainly at sea level, by the Brahmaputra River, the tropical climate contributes to its brisk, robust taste. It is packed with anti-oxidants.

 Ceylon - Famous for quality and taste, used in  many blends.

Distinguished by the famous Lion Logo, Ceylon tea is cultivated using the contour method, planted in coordination with the contours of the land, normally on slopes. Generally two leaves and a bud are hand plucked, Sri Lanka being one of the few countries where each tea leaf is picked by hand. A black tea, powerful in anti-oxidants.



Rooibos - Redbush caffiene free tea.

rooibos tea leavesNot strictly a tea, this herbal infusion from South Africa is a great caffeine free alternative to tea and is packed with copper, iron and potassium. It is farmed but also grows freely in the wild and the fallen leaves oxidise in the sun giving it the characteristic red colour. It has been a traditional drink of south Africa for generations but has become more popular world wide in recent times.

Peppermint - Refreshing, cooling traditional palette cleanser

peppermint leavesWidely drunk in Europe, the herb has been used as a remedy for indigestion since Ancient Egyptian times, with dried leaves found in the Egyptian Pyramids dating 1000 b.c.  It was also valued by the Ancient Greeks and Romans and first became popular in Europe in the 18th Century.  Easy to grow, it is enjoyed as an after dinner drink and is the perfect refresher on a hot Summer's day.

Lemon Verbena - Traditional folk medicine and herb

lemon verbenaOriginally from South America, this fascinating culinary herb has lots of beneficial health properties and its gentle nature makes it a soothing drink for the very young and elderly. Prized for its perfume, food flavouring it makes an excellent relaxing tea.