Tea has soothing and astringency properties making it a great addition to your beauty regime.

Sooth sunburn, rashes, chapped lips and blemishes with cottonwool or towels soaked in cooled brewed tea.

Speed up the healing process for blisters by using cottonwool soaked in chilled brewed tea.

Tea is a great substitute for toner, especially for spots and acne.

Tea tannins will help reduce puffiness in tired eyes. Use cottonwool soaked in cooled brewed tea and place over eye sockets and relax for ten minutes.

Tea leaves make an excellent facial scrub. Use dried used tea leaves as a normal scrub and moisturise well for a glowing complexion.

Rinse your tresses in cooled black tea for a cleansed scalp and glossy locks.

Add black tea to henna for an intense colour or use straight black tea for a quick grey cover up.