Cross stitch tips:

1. You can protect your fabric edges with a zig zag stitch or fabric glue.

2. Untwist your thread every few inches to stop it getting tangled.

3. Don't pull the needle tight. 

4. Keep checking the stitch count - it's easy to get carried away.

5. The Aida can be painted with fabric paint before you sew if you want a different colour background.

6. Use a lint roller and iron the back for a nice clean, flat finish.


Cross Stitch ideas:

1. Make a mini picture to frame or make into pendant. Cut Aida to the frame size, then sew onto a felt back and the cross stitch is ready to frame.

Mini Framing hoops:

2. Make a button. This could be used as a badge, attached to a hairpin, or used to decorate a purse or pocket.

Snap on self cover buttons:

3. Make a gift tag or magnet. Cut Aida and two pieces of card to size to your chosen size, leaving a 1cm border. Back with card and fold border over. Glue on second piece of card. Sew on a cord/ribbon for gift tag. Glue on magnetic strip for a magnet.

Magnetic strip