If you've found this page you have bought at least one matchbox from our Grow Your Own Village collection. 

Each matchbox is themed around a garden herb and an alternative idea on how to use it. 


Bubble Cafe - lemon grass straws:


Whether you care about the environment (we definitely do) or not (shame on you) These straws are definitely more stylish and more fun! Click on links below to find out more about how these straws are made.

Say No to Plastic Straws

Video instructions


Not good for your teeth, figure or health but totally good for lifting your spirits and having fun! Click on links below fro some Peppermint Patty tips.

Recipe for Peppermint Patties

Recipe for Peppermint Patties for lazy vegans 

Recipe for home made peppermint extract

Making you home smell nice with herbs can be quick and easy.

Easy air freshener and scent combinations

Lemon Thyme cleaning spray

De-odorizing ideas video

There are quick and easy and long but satisfying ways to dry and preserve flowers and petals. 

Drying Flower petals

Preserving bouquets

Video link


Making your own ink is definitely are the fun scientist or anyone who wants to dabble in potion making. The colours from natural ingredients will surprise you.

Make your own ink for wizard artists

Make your own ink - for scientists

Advice for Dog lovers - do not spend lots of money on a toy. Your dog will love anything you give him, especially if it is old and smelly. 

Advice for Cat Lovers - do not spend lots of money on a toy. Your cat will just turn his/her nose up at it. Make one and she/he can turn her/his nose up at, but at least it will have cost you less and you will have had fun making it.

Video for cat toy

Video for pet pillow

Wood Green Easy sock toy

Alternative cat toys video

Toys from Battersea Cats Home