Spice Rack was the original cover design! With its globes, compass and sovereign symbolising mystery and exploration it also illustrates the exotic and luxurious nature of its contents.  Each subsequent box design was based around Spice Rack.  

In A Matchbox - Spice Rack In A Matchbox  

Q. How do you give a big hug in a matchbox? A. Make it a monster hug. So Marvling Bros created Snug Bug for the cover and his buddies Hugo, UGG, and Gomez for the inside.

In A Matchbox - snug bug no. 1In A Matchbox - snug bug no.2In A Matchbox - snug bug no.3  

 We fell in love with this gorgeous, quirky canine and couldn't resist paying homage to him with a matchbox designed for dog lovers everywhere.

Wizard magic and deep space inspired our star matchbox designs, with star charts, curls and swirls for Lucky Stars and a computer display font for You're A Star.


Luxury and style for Domestic Goddess and Perfect Gent with chocolate lime and strawberry bonbon colour themes on a boudior background.