Based deep in the heart of Suburbia we have spent time and energy studying the art of giving and have come up with the rules of engagement for the perfect present giving/receiving experience.

The Rules of Engagement:

A Good Gift should

  • Be a pleasure to give and receive
  • Be delightful and surprising
  • Be given whenever the occasion calls for it, not just birthdays and Christmas

A Good Gift should not

  • Be an obligation (I must buy a gift for teacher) 
  • Result in guilt (I didn’t get a gift for her in return)
  • Be calculated in monetary value (you shouldn’t have spent so much on this gift)
  • Be unwanted (Thanks. I'll take it to the boot sale/charity shop/give it away)
  • Be without thought (I’ll just get them a bottle of wine)

Our aim in each matchbox:

      • To fill it with gifts of luxury, love and laughter
      • To enhance life, not clutter it up
      • To make each box beautiful to behold
      • To fulfill The Art of Giving Rules of Engagement.