Celebrating 10 Years: The One With... The Money

Celebrating 10 Years: The One With... The Money

Our journey today takes a serious turn as we confront the realities of building a business – the need for funds.
5. The one with…the money

 So this fledgling business had products, it had a name, it had potential, it had passion…

 What it needed next was just as crucial though.

 Wonga, Moolah, Cash!

 So far it was just two suburban mums battling to fulfil orders and brainstorm ideas.

 The idea had started at the school gates but this next part wasn’t going to be child's play.

 Luckily, there was another family member who had not only helped to create the first product with his chilli obsession but was also about to step forwards with a welcome boost of confidence, faith and crucially…some cash.

Hayley and Emma had both had moments of doubt about the business but Emma’s husband had always had faith.

 He backed them both as he could see their skills, passion, drive and the sheer potential of the enterprise if it could just scale up a little in terms of the structure and the branding.

£5000 was drummed up and pumped into the business, instantly put into use to register the business properly as Marvling Bros Ltd and to protect 12 of the products with trademarks.

 Those products were then fully designed and a new website was rustled up and ready to go.

 Much of this was done with an incredible naivety but that helped as did large dollops of creativity, gusto and the good humour and vibes that comes from working with friends on something you are both passionate about.

 The site launched on 4th of July (Independents Day - appropriate for a small gifting business!).

It was showtime!

In the first week they sold exactly ten matchboxes. A tad discouraging as the goal was to get £200 extra “pocket money” a week each!. Annoyingly, that sale was not even from the snazzy new website. Emma had just been chatting about her new adventure to the local florist, showing off the samples and ten were sold at a discount price to sell in the shop

The florist was very enthusiastic but she never splashed out on any more.

 Had they been too naive? Could this even work? Was it all going to end in tears?