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What Makes The Perfect Gift?

Here is science behind giving the perfect gift this year, so you can be the person who gets the present right every single time. 

Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries; although all joyful events, some people dread the part that is buying the perfect present. Some of us are natural present givers and know how to get it right every single time, but some of us are not. This can be extremely stressful and is often something that is left to the last minute, making the situation even worse. But lucky for you, we know the science behind giving the perfect gift this year, so you can be the person who gets the present right every single time. 

The science behind the perfect gift

Here are many easy to follow steps that are scientifically backed up that will have you buying the best-suited presents for those you love.

1.Buy something you know the other person has interest in - Although you may be tempted to buy something trendy and popular, make sure that the person you are buying for is truly interested in that item. Elizabeth Dunn states that ‘Choosing the wrong gift can be kind of risky for relationships because it says you don’t have anything in common.’ By making sure the item is something the other person would enjoy you have more chance of growing a stronger bond, which is something gift-giving can do.

2. Don’t look at the price tag - Many people believe the more expensive the item, the higher the chance that the person receiving the item will enjoy it, and that is not true. A study found that the majority of people do not associate the price of a gift with the level of appreciation they give back. This is also a tip that can save you a hefty sum of money, especially considering the average household spends £500 on gifts during holiday seasons alone.

3. Think long term - Many gift-givers base what they are going to get someone on how they think they will react to it. This is why people usually give someone something flashy that stands out and will put a smile on someone’s face. It turns out, that giving someone a present that they can get more use out of such as a subscription gift card, will be loved more as they can use it over time

4. Buy an item based on your mutual interests - When you focus on what you both share and pick a gift from there, the person receiving the gift is more likely to enjoy it. For example, concert tickets or a class that you both have an interest in taking will not only bring you closer together but will be a present the other person is more likely to enjoy.

5. Unique is not always better - A lot of gift-givers try to make each present they get for someone unique. This means you get stuck on trying to think of the perfect present for every person you know, which takes up lots of time and means you don’t always get the best present. Sometimes it’s best to get someone something that is popular and desirable because it is desirable for a reason.

6. Ask the person what they want to receive - Although many people believe that a gift that someone asks for is less meaningful, research shows that people are more appreciative of gifts they ask for instead of those that they do not ask for. People prefer to receive something they would actually enjoy instead of something they will never use. 

Overall, if you are stuck trying to buy something for a loved one, remember that in most cases they will appreciate whatever you get them, because it shows you have thought about them and at the end of the day that matters more than a present.

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