Spooktacular Fun Awaits: Download Your Free Halloween Decorations!

Spooktacular Fun Awaits: Download Your Free Halloween Decorations!

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This Halloween, In a Matchbox is excited to bring you a magical, yet super easy, DIY decoration project to add that extra sparkle to your festivities!

Our downloadable guide comes with straightforward instructions to craft two scary faces, perfect for your Halloween setting. Whether you use printing paper, coloured card, newspaper, or even junk mail, the thrill of Halloween can be brought to life in the most unexpected materials.

But why stop there? Let your creativity run wild with these additional ideas:

Dazzle with Colors

Dare to go beyond black and white! Use vibrant Halloween colours like orange, purple, and green to print your spooky faces. You could even get hands-on with markers, crayons, or paints to give your paper faces a custom haunted glow.

Hanging Horrors & Spooky Lighting

Attach string, ribbon, or elastic to your cut-outs and hang them from ceilings, door frames, or windows. Watch as they dance eerily in the breeze, surprising guests and passers by with their unexpected movement. 

Place underneath coloured lighting to create spooky shadows.

Final Touches

Incorporate glitter, sequins, or faux cobwebs to add the final spooky touches to your creations. Let your imagination take control, making each face a one-of-a-kind piece of Halloween art.

Ready to Get Started?

With a printer, paper, and scissors at your disposal, and our downloadable guide at your fingertips, you're all set to create your magical Halloween decorations.

To access the full instructions and start crafting, simply click here to download the guide.

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