Birthstones And Their Meanings

Birthstones And Their Meanings

Birthstones and their meanings. What is your birthstone and what does it symbolise?
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What is your birthstone and what does it mean?

January: The birthstone for January is garnet, this stone is a beautiful deep red colour and the stone actually got its name due to how similar it looks to a pomegranate seed, garnet comes from the word ‘seed.’ so this makes sense. This gem is said to provide protection to those carrying it, and therefore is great for safe travelling. Garnet was previously taken into battle by Aztec warriors, so this is a gem that has provided protection for centuries. Garnet stands for faith, eternity and truth.

February: The birthstone for February is amethyst, this stone is a dazzling purple colour that is highly sought after due to its beauty. The word amethyst comes from the word ‘sober,’ as the gem was believed to guard against intoxication. Overall the gem is said to provide courage and strengthen relationships between individuals, so it is great to give to someone that often overindulges on alcohol and to someone you want to build up your relationship with. The amethyst stands for luck, wit and health. 

March: The birthstone for March is aquamarine which is usually a breathtaking blue or cyan, whose colour can be compared to the ocean. The deeper the blue of an aquamarine gem, the more valuable it is considered due to its rarity. These gems were believed to not only cure various diseases but also protect sailors and ship crew from the dangers of the ocean. That being said, this gem is said to provide serenity, therefore is great to calm nerves and keep yourself from spiralling. Aquamarine signifies happiness and understanding.

April: The birthstone for April is a diamond which is one of the most valuable gems in the world due to its rarity. This gem is comes in many eye-catching colours, ranging from yellow to red, but pure diamonds are completely clear. These stones are said to provide everlasting love, which is not surprising considering they are one of the most popular choices for a wedding ring. Diamonds represent eternity, courage and health.

May: The birthstone for May is emerald, which is a gem that is a rich green colour, that was actually one of Cleopatra’s favourite gems, and is still to this day extremely sought after. The gem itself is unique due to its resistance to scratches, therefore are very strong. The name emerald came from the word ‘esmaralda’ which basically translates to the words green gem. This gem is said to provide hope and strength to those that carry it. The emerald symbolises fidelity, goodness and love.

June: The birthstone for June is alexandrite, which was first discovered in the 1930s in Russia, and is named after the Russian Prince Alexander II. It is often called ‘emerald by day, ruby by night’ as it often seems to change colour, which adds to its mysterious allure. The colour changing properties of this stone are a reflection of life’s challenges and changes. Alexandrite stands for peace, nobility and beauty.

July: The birthstone for July is Ruby, which is a shining red colour, that is hard to miss due to the pop of colour. The rarest of rubies are those that are labelled ‘pigeon-blood,’ this is due to their colour that looks almost exactly like blood. This gem is said to protect those carrying it from evil and is a great gift to remind someone that they are full of life and are overall a positive energy. The July birthstone symbolises love, enthusiasm and strength.

August: The birthstone for August is Peridot, and this gem is an olive green colour, very similar to that of the earth around us. Peridot is unique because its colour does not change in both artificial and natural sunlight, meaning it keeps the same olive green colour no matter the circumstances. This gem was believed to protect the person carrying it from nightmares but now symbolises beauty and is said to bring good health and restful sleep to those that have this gem. The peridot represents success, peace and luck.

September: The birthstone for September is sapphire and this is a jaw-dropping deep blue colour, which is also one of the most popular gems in modern-day society. This gem was believed to guard against evil and poisoning, and venomous creatures would die within contact with this gem. Nowadays sapphire is believed to symbolise wisdom and provides learning and spiritual healing to those carrying it. Sapphires stand for serenity and truth. 

October: The birthstone for October is Tourmaline and this stone is a gorgeous blend of mostly pink and green. This is the gemstone with the most colours in each piece, and therefore each piece looks different, and because of the variety of colours in a tourmaline, they are often mixed up with other gemstones, such as rubies. This gem is said to provide happiness and joy to those that carry it, as well as the reduction of stress. Tourmaline represents healing, happiness and compassion.

November: The birthstone of November is Topaz, which is a stone that comes in a variety of colours, the rarest being a deep red colour with only 1% being this colour. This is also a popular gem due to the shades that it comes in which are extremely aesthetically pleasing. Topaz is said to be a soothing gem that heals and charges the body of those carrying it. It is also said to re-motivate, so this is great for someone that needs a little boost in life. The topaz symbolises wisdom, courage and sincerity. 

December: The birthstone of December is turquoise, which as the name states, is a stunning turquoise colour, similar to the ocean. This gem is unique in the sense a colour was named after it and not only that, but is extremely rare and is only found in major hotspots across the globe. This gem is said to give you the ability to build friendships with others easily and therefore helps relationships of those carrying it. The December birthstone stands for love, happiness and luck.

birthstones and their meanings

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