Photo Make Over

The Essex County Show Reading Photo Make Over 2 minutes Next Christmas Kiss

The MBs got a make-over today in response to the Notonthehighstreet comment that the current photos were a bit too clean cut. 

This meant Ling got to boss Marv around as she was the photographer and Marv the self appointed stylist. It was a mammoth task as lemons had to be purchased from the butchers round the corner for Keep Fit, mould had to be scraped off a stick of cinnamon for Spice Rack (who incidently was the most diva-ish of the boxes, refusing to stand up properly), Marv's husband's washbag was raided for Perfect Gent, and Marv's daughter's favourite furry jacket was sacrificed to make a miniature rug for Monster Hug - the least photogenic of the boxes - to recline on. Marv's usually immaculate house looked like a bomb had hit it after four hours of non-stop shooting. (A bomb made of purple and gold stars, bit of fur, saffron strands, silver beads, and chocolate foil wrappers)  .

The most dangerous task was getting some sand for Chill Out. for a brief period every sand pit in Gidea Park was a target, until Marv finally hit on the idea of procuring a handful from the building site down the road. 


Still it was worth it, and all the boxes were finally shot to show off their inner beauty.


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