The First Weeks Sales

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Every single matchbox made its way out into the world this week to bring joy into the world. Hot Stuff has already massively impressed the Chilli Community as 'the most original product on the market seen for a long time' and major companies are already tweeting about their hugs and stars. 

Tiger Lily Florists have proved their worth as ambassadors for Marvling Bros by selling most of the set which were given to them as demos and have got orders for more, whilst Marv's mum has taken it upon herself to be the Out of London Sales Rep and is currently showcasing the boxes to anyone that will listen. 

Meanwhile, it has been brought to our attention that people are so awed by the beauty of the boxes when they open them that they are not actually taking out the contents and using them. If this is you be afraid. Be very afraid. This is not the Marvling way and if everybody did that how are we going to make any money if you all keep them just to clutter up your drawers. Just to let you know we know where you live and will be sending out our spies to see who exactly is hoarding the boxes and if found guilty you will be given a choice of a £5 fine that will pay towards another box which you will be forced to open (we have our methods) or you will be invited to a  compulsary 'De-cluttering' workshop where you will be helped to open your box in a safe and supportive environment, with whale music playing in the background. (I know which one I'd choose)


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