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In October 2012, Marv and Ling, bored of exchanging gift vouchers at Christmas, giving away unwanted presents to charity and passing on surplus presents, came up with the idea of putting things into matchboxes and giving them as presents.

It all started, when Marv remembered Ling entering a competition to see how many things one could get into a matchbox. However instead of just objects, Ling also put in concepts. Ling’s original competition matchbox held everything from an art gallery, to a curry to the National Curriculum amongst other extravagant ideas. She didn't win the competition, but Marv was inspired and persuaded Ling that this could be a good business venture.

However, entering a competition for fun and getting items that people want and can actually use as a full gift experience that fitted in a box measuring 53mm x 16mm x 35mm was a whole different ball game.

Marv and Ling sacrificed hours on the internet worldwide, and in luxury shopping malls in Essex to bring you the very finest the world has to offer from Spices from the East to Essential oils from Europe to doggie toothbrushes from the USA.

All our products have been tested on our own families. The Hot Stuff tasting session lasted a whole week and nearly resulted in a divorce, whilst Marv insisted on testing all the luxury toiletry gifts herself, sacrificing many hours of valuable housework time having relaxing baths and washing her hair. 

The adventure continues...

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