Our Skillled Team

This week the Bros have needed handmade matchboxes made up for the new personalised products now out. The last time they did this task between them it ended up in tears (Marv) and tantrums (Ling) and lot of wonky box sleeves and fingers burnt by the hot glue gun, so 'volunteers' from the MB team were picked by Marv and the happy task fell to Jane and Moll. Of course they stepped up admirably to the task and Jane in particular demonstrated exceptional skill when it came to creasing with her folding accurate to within 250000 nanometres (1/4 mm). As it turns out, box making is in her blood as she is a direct descendant of a box-making line manager. It took Jane and Moll two hours to make the equivalent of what Marv and Ling made in a day - with no wonky bits or burnt digits. By a perverse sense of logic known only to herself Ling said that this was because Jane was 'slow'. Quote of the week: 'It's because you're slow Jane'. (Ling on seeing Jane's pile of neatly made boxes).

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